Higher degree in Interior designing received at University in Katowice. The creator of Design Concept Studio. Constantly progressing and extening knowledge by taking parts in courses and events in building, architecture and home design field.

DC Studio is a place made out of passion, the need to progress, determination and paying attention to details. I am a very busy person, a big fan of Leonardo Da Vinci and healthy eating. Recently I have given it a go in Photography. In my free time I enjoy my passion which is hand-made craft.

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You haven't got any idea how to arrange your space? You are not sure if your chosen solutions will work in your own place? Or you just simply have no time to sort it out yourself? You found just the right place! Our company specializes in complex desiging and arranging both single private interiors as well as public use areas. We can help make your expectations come true!

Professional advice regarding Architecture/designing

professional help regarding arranging, decorating, choices of lighting and materials

Online projects

based on the documents sent to us by you we make the project. The whole process is being done via internet. We discuss your project with you by staying in touch over the phone or via e-mails.

More complex designing

Projects involving individual parts of interiors: custom made furniture, small designs, small decorative elements eg.flowerbeds.

Home Staging

our support in apartment or house preparation or property for sale or rent out

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